Dear God:  

Your mighty hand has rescued me;               

I know Your love has set me free!

So tenderly you’ve dried my tears,

And You have banished all those fears.

It hurts a lot the course I took;

The things I did, Your plan forsook.

I found Your grace, for cleansing I plead;

And from Your hand it’s peace I need.

So long I wandered far away,

In paths of folly where I strayed.

But now I see that You know best;

Your voice of wisdom beats the rest.

Thank You, Lord for this You’ve done,

To cleanse my heart at set of sun.

I found forgiveness in your sight;

I’ll do my TIME, to make things right.

Through all my life I’ll praise Your name;

My heart and mind no more the same.

Please guide me now, and show the way;

Renew my strength for each new day!

-by Chaplain Don