The Bible tells of a strong man, Simon  (a song, Chaplain Don)

Who stood in the crowd that day.

Now the Savior was weak with anguish & pain;

So he carried the cross for Him. (Matthew 27: 32)          

Would I have gladly carried His cross,

As He fell down to His knee?

He could not carry that heavy load;

But He climbed the Hill for me!

God’s Word tells of Peter bragging that day;

And we have done the same.

Hear his words, “I’ll die with You, Lord !” 

But he lied, and denied His name.  (Luke 22: 33)

One of the thieves confessed to The Lord,

While on his cross at Calvary.

“In Your coming Kingdom, Lord”, he said;

“Won’t You please remember me!”                      


Just think of Peter, and this thief;

They learned to swallow their pridLike you and me, when we yield to God;

And find contentment deep inside. 

Yes Lord… I will bear the cross right now in my hearSince You climbed Calvary’s Hill for me! Praise God!

-by Chaplain Don, 2011