‘Twas Said that angels walked the earth,

They spoke for God in days gone by.

Can it be that folk today

Will see by faith – Oh God rely?

The angels see me when I work,

And join me in my time of prayer.

They know the things I say and do,

Applaud when I reach out to care.

These “Special guards” were at Christ’s tomb,

The massive stone was rolled away.

Those times I’m feeling all alone

The angel says, “My strength is your today!”

At times I Stumble and would fall,

But they support me on the path.

I’ll know those times they rescued me,

And saved my life from Satan’s wrath.

These eyes right now can not behold

The angel sent from heav’n to me.

But someday soon God’s word foretells,

My angel’s face I then will see!

–by Chaplain Don, 1990