The day light was breaking with the dawn in the East,

As the soldiers stood guard at the tomb.

What a day was beginning for all mankind

For soon joy would replace all the gloom.

The Savior was sleeping within the stone grave,

And his loved ones were struggling with grief.

“Oh why does the evil with malice prevail,

While the good seldom find a relief?”

But the Angel came down to deliver his Lord,

Who created the vast world’s in space.

His brightness enveloped, and struck down the guard,

Yes, The stone was moved out of its place.

Then Jesus, the Savior triumphantly rose –

He conquered the grave for me too.

And if I believe now His power to save,

He will give me a life made a new!

                            D                 D

Refrain: He is Risen, He is Risen

                 G                        D

We will join the glad shout!

               G                            D

Tell the world about this story,

                    E7                         A

We must get the message out

               D                      D

Let the hills repeat and echo

              G                                      E

As we make those mountains ring

                 A                                  D

For the Lord has gained the vict’ry

                E7            A         D

Yes His praises we will sing!

–by Chaplain Don, 1976