Dear Lord,

I really want to understand human feelings,

And reactions patterns better than I do. So often I go the “logical route” trying to solve a disagreement with my loved ones.

But this never works. I only push the blame button… Please help me to explore the options I have for responding more constructively to personal criticism. I must keep away from being defensive, and from blaming those I love.

We take “head trips” forgetting that feelings are interpreted by the heart! We have not learned to discern the broad spectrum of response patterns. Role playing one another’s reactions helps us to see how we may have been insensitive to them.

Lord, those communication tools like “paraphrasing,” “perception checks,” “negative inquiry,” and “fogging” make possible finding out the real meaning behind criticisms that come our way.

As I reflect back on my yesterdays, I have mixed feelings of satisfaction and failure with meaningful communication.

But now, seeing things from Your point of view, I know there are people who are trying to understand my words and feelings today.

May I be as kind to them!

–by Chaplain Don, 1985