Through eyes of LOVE God views this earth;

We’ve struggled long in pain from sin.

The plan was giv’n to save lost man; Genesis 3: 15

And bring him back—restored within.

This LOVE expressed in much more than words;

‘twas shown to us by Christ,

The Son who came to die for man, Philippians 2: 5-8

And give us brand new life!

We can’t explain this depth of LOVE—

Nor can we fathom the joy

Of Heav’n in shouts of praise, Luke 15: 10

As each human accepts God’s LOVE!

It really pays to accept God’s plan.

I’ll tell it all over the world!

Whenever you find His salvation for you,

God’s flag of LOVE is unfurled.

You and I see souls who are drowning in sin;

No positive future in their earthly life.

We must reach out through our eyes of LOVE,

And reveal the God who can end their strife.

Just tell them what Jesus has done for you;

No reason to explain some doctrine or creed.

When they see God pictured in your eyes of LOVE,

They ‘ll discover He supplies all our need! Philippians 4:19

–by Chaplain Don

January 1, 2015