Through Conflict and Pain can come Joy!

Thank you, God, for conflict. It causes us to come alive… to energize our flabby personal drive by the process of involvement. Thus we come to grips with pain. And through this encounter can blossom joy and understanding!

I never would have chosen the conflict that has engulfed our group at work. But now, I am beginning to see the benefits. A parallel exists in the beautiful rainbow which appears so brilliantly in the sky. It is a definite contrast to the darkness of the violent winter storm. What a peacefulness we feel inside as we absorb the lifting experience. There is a sense of togetherness in our group now, where there had been feelings of misunderstanding and anger. It seems like we know each other much better. Praise Your Name!

I’m glad we were willing to risk bringing our hurt feeling out into the open – where we could deal with them. Healing is now taking place. What peacefulness has come to us! Confronting the real feelings has led to working through pain, and from there to joy and understaning!

Thank You for such a satisfying experience.

-by Chaplain Don