My Lord,                                                                 

I am very concerned with two of my friends who have entered

the dark tunnel of anger. 

they have just now begun a serious attempt at reconciliation

in their marriage. It is such a critical time!  I ask You to help me

in my contacts with them.

please give me discernment as to what I can do or say to

communicate my caring feelings for them in the very best way.

I am learning from reading a helpful book that couples struggling

with this situation must be prepared to take risks while establishing

effective communication.  During this time, the verbal and non-

verbal expressions can be misunderstood by either partner.

Hurt feelings, bitterness, and unfair treatment in the past make it

difficult to establish a new footing.

But Lord, please put Your hand over them in a special way… so they

will will emerge from this tunnel into the warm, forgiving sunshine

of Your love.  Praying has brought them this far; and relying on Your

guidance will take them safely through these trying times.

I am trusting in your continuing guidance of my relationship

with them.                               Amen.

Thank You for the practical counsel available in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8;

as penned by the Apostle Paul on the subject of a living LOVE relationship!

-by Chaplain Don