Set me free, Lord! This trap of stereotyping has me caught in its grip. I’m doing it again—putting people in groups with negative images attached…

It is so easy to think in categories: a “preacher” wears a dark suit and tie, continually harps on – practical, archaic subjects, and is seldom involved with things that are fun.

A “house wife” is a person who has low self esteem, does endless chores, and is forever surrounded by a clan of undisciplined kids making impossible demands on her every waking moment.

An “old person” is one who walks with a cane, talks with a crack in the voice and is generally of no value to modern society.

These word pictures distort the personal qualities of people thus pre-judging them unfairly. Other stereotypes like:

“the garbage man.”

“A mother-in-law”

“An alcoholic,” and

“The janitor: are examples of prejudiced thinking. These make it so difficult for a person to establish true individual identity.

The conclusions drawn are so unfair! Lord, free me from treating anyone this way, Help me to be open in my acceptance of others, and their unique life style.

–by Chaplain Don, 1987