I stepped inside the treatment room,

The team was all in place.

My doctor and the PROTON BEAM.

Would soon some fears erase.

They laid me on the table there,

A mask holding fast my head.

I was thankful for the friends back home,

And PRAYERS which they had said.

Beep beep beep the computer sounds,

And now it guides the beam.

This blends much like a symphony,

In the midst of a peaceful dream.

My thoughts returned to the healing touch

Which the Lord employs each day.

It takes great TRUST and CONFIDENCE

To yield to the Master’s way.

I thought of the man who waited years

For Christ to make him whole.

And at times we WAIT.. What discipline!

Then God can heal the soul.

The Savior touches folk today,

We may not see His plan.

Though solutions seem so scarce sometimes,

By Faith you take His hand!

  • By Chaplain Don, * written while at Loma Linda Medical Center May 17, 1996, where Don underwent cancer treatment following surgery on the parotid (salivary) gland