(see Isaiah 49: 2)

I dreamed I saw the shadow of God’s almighty Hand;

It was moving o’er the surface of this very troubled land.

At times His hand is hidden to the view of many –a- man,

But some men find assurance in Salvation’s Special Plan.

I listen to The Savior on those days when trials come.

My faith is tested far beyond what human strength can bear.       

The Lord has told each one of us that He will never fail;

He promises to walk with us through ev’ry stormy gale!

We can not find a reason for the trials which come today;

Nor can we see just why His hand has moved in this peculiar way.

But WE CAN TRUST the heart of God, for His mercy and His Love;

He still directs His children with His plan from heav’n above.

Our God has made provision for our life, with all its needs,

He wants to bring solutions, and atone for our misdeeds.

We can not win life’s battles with the strength all on our own. 

But He gives us DAILY vict’ry from His strength by faith alone. Praise God!

–by Chaplain Don, 1975