The season is centered in getting nice things;

I wonder what I’ll get this year?

It seems that a person must give to receive,

And I’m sure this brief message is clear.

Some people give candy and champagne on ice,

Others will give them a gift.

It’s like giving a ride to a hiker one day,

Since soon you’ll be needing a lift.

What happened to giving to others in need,

With never a thought of return?

The concept the Master has given to us,

But few folk bother to learn.

‘Tis a time with our family together at home

And we sense the true meaning of “love”

A time when we share all the good things of life,

And give thanks for His Gift from above!

So my friends, In the hustle and bustle today,

When it seems men are triggered by greed,

Just remember the pleasure this season can bring,

And give help to a strange in need.

–by Chaplain Don, 1979