Our Father in Heaven calls for men,

His eyes scan the earth as he looks again

For those who will answer the clarion call,

And give to the Master their life – their all.

He looks at you and He looks at me,

What a wonder potential in humans He sees

But because of our Savior who died to redeem,

A place is provided on the Gospel team.

The work of the minister calls for his best,

With divided affection, he won’t stand the test.

While some professions puff up a man’s mind,

God’s Word holds the key, if success he would find.

It is not sweet applause that spurs us on,

Nor can censure discourage when praise is one,

For a still, small voice reveals God’s plans,

And we follow his will, not tuned to man’s.

It may not have been on Damascus road,

With a light from heaven His plan thus He showed.

But in earnest entreaty I still hear Him say,

“My child, I desire your commitment for aye.”

We all must surrender our lives to God’s call,

While the task looms larger than the one facing Paul.

And until the completion of His task divine,

Our prayer must be daily, “I am Thine, Wholly Thine.”

–by Chaplain Don, 1989