My Loving Lord,

What a beautiful feeling to know Your special touch today.

All my aches and pains, my doubts and fears seem to melt away

as I reach out to grasp Your hand.   

You bring healing by drawing families together who have pulled in

Different directions. Strife is calmed like that stormy Sea of Galilee

By Your powerful words, “PEACE BE STILL.”

I can feel this calming influence right now!  It causes me to be at peace

With myself.  It urges me to share with others the news that healing

Accompanies Your touch.  You change depression to courage,

doubt to faith, despair to hope, discord to harmony.

All these miracles are happening since I am trusting Your power.

It is Your touch that changes my attitudes, and my response patterns.

Lord, may I continue to feel Your healing power every hour of the day.


– by Chaplain Don, in l985.  (This copy was chosen by the CEO of The White Memorial Hospital, Charles Ricks to be used in the special Prayer Breakfast where the leaders of The City of Los Angeles were gathered on invitation by Mayor Bradley during some very serious riots which had erupted in The City in the late l980s.)