An angel star – what a beautiful sight,

As it shown o’er Bethlehem’s hills that night.

Proclaiming God’s love and peace to the world,

The flag of salvation was then unfurled.

Nearly two thousand years have come and gone,

Since the night when the angels sang that song.

And millions are cold in their unbelief

While they wrestle for freedom from many a grief.

Just turn to the Savior, hear His sweet voice.

He will never coheres – it is always your choice!

For meaningless boredom gives way to new life

As He quells all the bitterness, envy, and strife.

I am thrilled with the story of old Bethlehem

And I love this great time of the year,

When – people in various parts of the world

Pause now to listen- His message to hear.

–by Chaplain Don, 1979