(A woman raising her son alone)

Our Father in heave,

It is sometimes a real struggle raising my son all alone!

Ever since his father left us I have had feelings of frustration – wondering if I was to blame for the family breakup.  If only I had given in more, things might have been different?

These thought have raced through my mind. But there also dawns a realization now that it was inevitable he would leave. I must try to compensate for the absence of a father in the house.

Now I am asking for wisdom to grapple with many decisions facing me each day.

On the positive side, my son does show a growing sense of maturity for his age, as well as making some of the adjustments necessary in the area of independence. I don’t want to be selfish, and stifle those growth patterns.

I’ve heard how some single parents’ friend a rich, rewarding life despite the challenges I am facing. May I often remind my son that he has a very understanding Father in heaven who loves him always.

Please help me to discover more of what I can become through researching my hand of faith to grasp yours. Then with my other hand grasping my son’s hand, he may reach out to others – those who need our special kind of input into their lives…

–by Chaplain Don, 1981