Our Father in Heaven,

Today we are asking you for Your blessing on a special building project for our Community.

We have two kinds of feelings as we break ground to expand this facility.

On one hand, we face the increasing challenge to adequately house those who must be brought to justice for their charges. We are convinced what needs to be done to keep our Community safe & secure.

But another factor must be recognized by us who have gathered for this occasion. The layout has been carefully planned over a long time period by our Sheriff and his associates. As this building rises to completion, it can become much more than a facility to house inmates. The personalized programs which are soon to be in place will emphasize rehabilitation of the mind, heart, and soul of those who enter these walls.

Various sections of this building will provide specific classrooms dedicated to help an individual to further his/her formal education; to learn how to deal with the vice grip of addiction, and to participate regularly in worship services designed for building a new lifestyle for the desperate needs of the soul! We are thankful for the opportunities we will have in this building toward impacting the problems and choices facing each inmate.

Lord, there is one more part of this special prayer; I have a burden for all the citizens of our community. Please move upon us that we will fight the evil tide of lawlessness sweeping across our land. We must do something about it! In our homes, in our schools, and in our churches we must rally together to teach our children more & more the vital lessons of life. These solid values of Truthfulness, Honesty, Fair play, respect for authority, and a personal development of self-control. These lessons, taught to many of us by our grandparents, must be learned early in life. This process will do a great deal to fight the challenges facing us, as responsible Citizens all across the breadth of our Nation!

Today we ask for help and guidance from You, our powerful God. Please bless our elected leaders in their responsibilities to uphold the laws of our land. May we support them in their efforts to keep our way of life firmly in place. And may our God continue to give us that special gift of Freedom of Choice; and wisdom to use it well!


–by Chaplain Don, Aug. 18, 2014