(A Prayer to use at the Drug Court Graduation on Monday, November, 15, 2010)

O God in Heaven,

How thankful we are for this special night!

We are very proud of these graduates.  They have accomplished a huge task:  saying a final, “good-bye” to the drug habit.

We recognize each graduate, and those here tonight who have supported them, as they have taken a giant step in changing their lives.

These graduates are proving what can be accomplished as a person takes hold of some Awesome Forces to successfully KICK an addictive substance.

They have used the three effective tools to win this battle with addiction:

  • Relying on the great support of loved-ones and friends who care about helping them with their struggles  to keep going  on to victory
  • Working like mad to strengthen their personal determination to win the battle
  • And exercising a lot of faith in God’s mighty power over their former addiction

May each of our special graduates keep on using all of these RESOURCES as they continue to build their dreams for success in their future lives.

I thank you, Lord for this promise of The Holy Bible for any time we are facing a difficult problem in life:  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

  • By Chaplain Don, 2011