Prescription for Spiritual Vision


You are the only one who can write that special prescription for those “eye contacts” Im planning to wear.

Humanly speaking, it’s hard to determine how strong the little “eye openers” should be. I really feel a need of some new dimensions for my spiritual eyesight. It seems a bit out of focus right now- Maybe warped by selfish pride in thinking my way is always the best way!

These feelish moves of mine are as cataracts to my vision. They block the rays of your love form reaching my centers of awareness and understanding.

Please complete that prescription you have in mind for those “contacts” according to your knowledge of me. I want to continue allowing you to shape me into the new person you are helping me to become.

I’m beginning to sense the new horizons which are forming as a result of your plan. I can hardly wait for those new “contacts”!

-by Chaplain Don, 1-31-1985