The Creator formed on earth His image;

In man who beheld His face.

But sin erased that peaceful life,

And he lost his Eden place.

So many people have since tried in vain

With their works to weep and mourn

But salvation’s plan was provided for all,

As “the blessed hope” would be born!

The Creator left Heaven to pay the price

  • For the sin of every man.
        • He suffered and died on that cruel Cross,
        • To vindicate God’s great plan.
        • Now the key for us is to accept by Faith,
        • “If we seek Him we will find.”
        • For His Restoring power is seen in men
        • Who are changed in heart and mind.

He’ll soon descend from Heaven’s court

To gather His blood-bought men.

Completing then The Creator’s work

Of restoring His image again!

-by Chaplain Don