Our God delivers MIRACLES

Which doubters can not see.

I view these through the lens

Of faith God made for me.

Oh the peace that dawns on those

Who pause each day to pray.

And when the blasts of trouble come,

God gives us strength that day!

For anyone who lacks the faith;

There is a full supply.

‘tis found by searching in God’s Word—

He guides you with His eye. Psalm 32: 8

I must find that path of FAITH,

As I live my life each day.

He gives discernment as a gift

To those who seek His way. 1 Corinthians 2: 14

All praise to God for MIRACLES!

They help us sense His power.

I’ll pray for Faith to look for them

Each day…each hour.

–by Chaplain Don, 2013