My “Duty As A Rescuer?


I have often felt it my religious duty to point out the  faults of others so they can change.

There are two people on my mind now. You know their identity. I’ve prayed long and hard for them. They need to discard some bad habits. One of them is fighting a terrible temper, the other is very grouchy at times…

Now Lord – why is it that everytime I talk to you about these two situations, the words of Scripture keep flashing before my mind like a neon sign,

“Judge not –that ye be not judged!”

I must now drop this fetish to change other people into a mold I have set for them.

Help me to accept people as they are and to listen to their felt needs, bringing me to an understanding of their frustrations, trials, and struggles.

Please continue to change me into the kind of person who is living proof that there is victory in surrendering to Jesus!


By Chaplain Don.