I dreamed tonight, I walked with God;

How awesome that would be!

Just He and me and no one else—

My troubles seemed to flee.

I knew my God would do great things;

And sweep away my fears.

I thought He’d solve some myst’ries too;

And wipe away my tears.

But then I had another thought–

As the dream took shape for me.

How should I now behave with HIM!

My ev’ry fault He’d see!

Right next to him along my path,

What stride do I adopt?

How often do I interrupt?

What habits must I stop?

When I awoke my heart was stirred;

I could not find much rest…

“Does doing ‘good’ bring us to heaven?”

Well, knowing God—this is the test!    

And then it struck me in my mind

Behaviors do not win.

The bottom line is with the HEART;    

We yield;  God saves from sin!    

So, in my dream I learned the point—

Behavior lifts no one “above.”

‘tis true I must obey my God;

But He saves us through His LOVE!

I’m learning now to know my God,

And Christ who died for me.

This great relationship I’ve found,    

We’ll build though out ETERNITY!     

–by Chaplain Don, 2013