Message to my Family Clan:

My mind today in thanks remembers

All the joys of fam’ly prayer.

How I treasured every moment

As we looked to God up there.

I must always catch His message,

Form the Father up Above.

He has offered special guidance,

That I’d govern them by love.

So I kept in mind the future,

As we prayed upon our knees;

Giving them, adults to come

My guidance ere their time to leave.

Please forgive parental blunders,

And the scars upon their lives.

Bless the prayers we prayed at nighttime,

Help them even now survive?

I pray for them each night and day,

That God will guide them everywhere.

May they always turn to Jesus,

In the place of fam’ly prayer.

Christ alone can calm the tempest,

As He lifts His mighty hand.

He can melt the heart of hardness,

With His tender touch of love.

He will paint a silver lining,

On each passing cloud above. (praise to God)

-by Chaplain Don