The Master planted a seed with love,

In an arid desert land.

And people scoffed that it could grow,

While imbedded in the sand.

No one knew all the time and touch

That The Sower brought to bear.

The seed was pampered ev’ry day,

With constant love and care.

‘twas buried deep within the soil;

Neither wind, nor sun could spoil.

He was there when any shadow came—

For those clouds brought needed rain.

“It is time for the plant to be fully grown”,

I hear the people say.

And even though ‘twas a thirsty plant;

I knew it would bloom someday…

My life was nurtured with His hand,

Through sunshine and through rains.

But at times I questioned, “was He there,

As I struggled with life’s growing pains?

Right now, I am thankful for His hand—

It was guiding all the way.

While some folk viewed just a scrawny plant;

With God’s touch, it blooms today!

–Chaplain Don, 1998