Thank You, Jesus for the great memory I treasure in my mind.  It first happened

when I said those words of personal commitment, as I gave my heart

totally to You. That was a meaningful moment just a few days ago.

I have already grown in my understanding of the special relationship with

You as my Savior. 

The day I accepted You in this way, I knew it was real and genuine. A buddy of mine

Understood all about it, and gave me a friendly warning. He could see an avalanche

of temptations hitting me all at once! “The evil one will hurl his painful darts

against you to shake your new adventure in Faith.” And man, was he right—BIG TIME!

But I’m glad the devil did not succeed.

I have put my trust in You, Lord every moment. Your promise from Scripture has

Stayed with me: “My grace is enough for you, for my strength is made perfect

In weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12: 9)  I claim this every day.

I’m Looking forward to my next victory in Your strength!


-by Chaplain Don