You can find new hope in the Healer today;                        

It is found when you look to the Lord.

And never a soul is turned away,

Though gold they cannot afford.                                                  

The child within was trapped inside

His heart, and no one did care.

The cry continued for peace of mind;

He had searched in vain everywhere.

He felt that day like giving up,                                

His self-esteem was gone!        

The doubts, the fears, and other foes

Had taken away life’s song.

He felt the pain of loneliness;

Other folk did not understand.

But The Savior promised special HOPE,

For all who would trust His hand.

He now discovered it safe to give God the doubts,

‘Cause his hurt would not come to an end.

We too must believe God has offered to be

Our closest earthly friend.

I can see right now God has changed his life;

He finds meaning for each new day.

Your own sad heart can find in God,

This HOPE He offers today!    

-by Chaplain Don, 1998