The Master toils so patiently,

While He fashions day by day

A form with potential beauty,          

From this bulky lump of clay.

I can tell by His touch that He loves me,

Though my form is marred with sin.

And I know that today He will lead me,

When my stubborn self gives in.

I find Him at work by the furnace;

He is testing with fire to see,

If my faith will increase or diminish,

As the pressure is brought against me.

What a wonder that Jesus can shape me!

I will never fathom His power.

But each time I submit to His wisdom,   

He is teaching me hour by hour.                       

So whenever I feel discouraged,

And it seems that my life is in vain;

I give in to The Master who formed me,

For He longs to work with me again!

–Chaplain Don, 1975