He Knows my Identity

To my Understanding Lord-

Sometimes, in an attempt to communicate better with another person, I hear someone ask, “where are you coming form?”

Certainly they are not talking about a geographical location. I realize they want to be in touch with the precise message that was intended. Many people feel hopelessly lost in today’s maze of masks and misunderstandings!

But Lord, while I’m Talking to you I feel confident and secure. I don’t always known where my fellow humans are coming form, or just how to take the words they fling at me. I get upset because of the rift between us. How happy I am that no gap exists with God and me. Those inspired words of David’s Psalm (139) help me to appreciate your personal knowledge of my feelings, and desires:

“You understand my thought afar off… and are acquainted with all my ways.”

It is good to realize that you know where I am coming from – better than I know and understand myself!

-by Chaplain Don