There’s a calm in the eye of the hurricane’s blast,

When the storm clouds are raging about.

What a feeling to bask in the light of His love,

As the glow melts away all my doubt.

There are days when the darkness swirls over my path,

And I know it will take a large toll.

On my sensitive nature which sometimes is hurt,

By the trials which beat on my soul.

But I’m certain that Jesus is with me today,

For His promises lead me to know.

That whenever the burden seems heavy to bear

He will strengthen and never let go.


Oh, light that is shining from heaven above,

Fill my heart and my mind with your peace,

As the storm is now Threatening to sweep me away,

Bid my fears and my doubting to cease!

  • By Chaplain Don, 1977
  • Music by John Boyd