Mary’s tears were flowing, and Martha cried out, “ WHY!”

Their friends came by to offer prayer.

Each struggled with their pains of doubt,

For the Savior was not there.

He could have healed their brother’s plight

With just a spoken word.

They searched in vain for comfort,

From His preaching they had heard.

His touch and words had healed the throngs

On ev’ry road He trod.

He brought to them salvation’s gift—

He was the Son of God!

Then on this day their hopes were dashed,

The Savior was not there.

But soon at the tomb they saw His pow’r,

As He talked to God in prayer.

Christ called for Lazarus to rise,

He arose from within the grave.

For whenever the Master gives a command,

He has the pow’r to save

A similar event can happen today

In the lives of women and men.

We may be dead in a spiritual way,

But God revives us again!     


– by Chaplain Don, 2011