What a discovery – to see so many unique creations from your hand. In the world of humans, each individual has a personality all his own. Some challenge my ability to understand them. Others make me feel so good when I’m around them.

A better knowledge of my relationship with Heaven comes to me as I learn to deal with my fellowman in daily contact.

Please make clear to me, Lord, All the messages beaming toward me form your many voices. May I decipher the verbal, and non-verbal communication in those master pieces of nature, and from the myriads of human being who are a reflection of Your love.

Like a many-sided, sparkling jewel, these people reveal to me new dimensions at every turn,

May I never put down, or belittle any of those to whom You have given the breath of life. But please make me more understanding and tolerant of the ones whose background and life-style differs from mine. Each person has His own set of needs to fill, and problems to solve.

I want my own reflections of Your love to cheer each one who meets me in their search for a clear picture of what God is like.

–by Chaplain Don, 1986