I saw one day on a sandy shore,

A father and his child.

The curls were tangled on his head,

And his cheeks were rosy red.

I watched as the boy began to cry,

For the wind turned cold and wild. (reverb)

He lifted him in a comforting way,

And I heard him gently say:

“No fear my child, I am holding you,

While the angry winds do blow.

Mid crashing waves nearby, my child,

You’re safe from harm I know.

Just trust in me as we travel now,

On the path by a stormy sea.

Then come what may as the way seems long,

It is safe to go with me.”

And so today as trials come,

What a song, The Savior sings!

We’re fully grown, but hear His voice;

With assurance now it rings.

And each day we trust in His mighty hand;

Since He offers to lead your way. (reverb)

We go with Him when trouble comes,

For we hear Him gently say:

-By Chaplain Don Williams