A sparrow has fallen, God sees it I know.

He’s mindful of all from His “Mission Control.”

In wonder I fathom but a glimpse of His care;

Yet I treasure the promise that He does answer prayer.

There are millions of angels who surround God’s Great Throne.

They are poised to bring comfort when we feel all alone.

We humans do suffer when we struggle on our own

To make sense out of failure, our sins to atone.


So I’m thankful to know of Heaven’s Great Plan

To redeem from sin’s shackles each woman and man.

It is wise to choose Jesus who can free us from sin.

And His strength He will give us for our battles to win.

We can safely depend on the future with Him.

What a pity our eyesight is often so dim.             

The Scripture makes plain to His people down here

That the great God of heaven with His presence is near.

The available power of God in His realm,

Gives us peace as we know He is there at the helm

Of life’s ship as it plies through the wildest sea.

For His hand is mighty to guide you and me!  (see Matthew 10:29)

-by Chaplain Don