My God,

It seems that I am always quite a ways from You…But I do see in many situations, You are involved in guiding my steps;  Lots of corners, and detours in my pathway . I need more faith, each day.

Road blocks and challenges on every hand.  I get the feeling that You are unavailable, or distant.

I can not see Your face…and live!  (Like You told Moses,  in the story of Exodus 33: 20)

I do want to be close to You.  Please lead me, though I can not see around the corner of the path !

You are always there—by day and in the night.

Keep me true in everything I do, to find the right.

So often Lord, I wander without sight;

But Scripture is becoming more my guide…

I pray that I will sense You by my side.

Please help me solve each problem which I face.

You ever have the answer through Your grace.

And now I pray for wisdom, grace, and power,

To know that You are guiding me each hour.


I walk by faith, and not with vision bright;

But may I trust Your message without sight.

Ev’ry angle to those things I face

Is known to You—each person, and each place.

Thank You for the guidance I receive;

And may I daily trust; and then believe!

In the name of Jesus Christ I pray,


–by Chaplain Don, 2010