A cave-in sealed their fate.

For two long months they hoped and prayed;

And then they had to wait.

“Will the plan of escape work out for them,

While desperately clinging to life?”

World-wide News Breaks cover this scene;

“Can help arrive in time?”

They drilled a slim “hole” down to the men,

For sending fresh water and food.

Now they will for sure their lives sustain;

The chances were looking good.

A passage was carved out the size for one man,

And a “capsule” built for his ride.

Cables will lift it to freedom at last,

With a man safely inside.

Those rescued men now freed from strife,

Were filled with unspeakable joy.

You could see it expressed as they knelt in Prayer

For their second chance at life!

And also for me with the trouble I face,

And things that are tough as nails;

I’m asking for from my God above;

For Jesus never fails!

Now is the time to ask my God,

For that gift He alone can give.

And even though I must serve more time,

His gift is: To really live!

–by Chaplain Don, 2010