It is very difficult for me to express my feelings.  Some

Of them are deep down inside, and are hard to identify.

Just between the two of us –I have a fairly gruff

exterior to some people. I bite off their heads at times.

Don’t mean anything by it. Probably ‘cause of my

Childhood upbringing.

“Big boys don’t cry!” they say.  So I have been

expected all my life to be tough – not to express

Emotion when I’m hurting or fearful. Once in a while I

Am a little bit afraid. But that doesn’t last long… It is a

Pretty big responsibility also being a father to kids nowadays.

That’s my greatest challenge! Help me to measure up to it.

I am thinking of my wife – sometimes I don’t tell her

In words what she means to me. Help me to work on ways

of letting her know my feelings.

One good feeling I have is right now talking to you

On occasion I need someone who has more wisdom and clout than I do.

Thank you for your promise to help me when I am needing that “extra boost”


-by Chaplain Don