I got so angry this morning! I want to share

with you the feelings experienced earlier today..

that miserable thunder storm woke me up even

before daylight. I needed more rest! Why do things

Like that always happen to me – and disturb my sleep?

It’s unfair!

My whole family was awakened. But soon all

were fast asleep again except one person – me. I just

couldn’t seem to get back to a nice peaceful slumber.

Then as I began to think more clearly, I sensed the

dawning of a beautiful opportunity for an adventure.

It was then I reached for my Bible.

“Maybe there is a timely message for me, “ I

mused. The promise which unfolded was obviously

meant for me. It came like a soothing balm to my

troubled heart – burdened as I was over the current

dilemma You and I are aware of.

Right then I realized You were setting me

free from those feelings I had harbored. I could feel

my mind directed to thoughts of peace amid the

storm. Thank you for that disturbing experience.

I needed it!

-by Chaplain Don, 1980