God can inspire your life this day.

Most dreams are simply “fantacy”—

With HIM they become a symphony.

He shapes our dreams to reality!

Who knows the heights that you can reach,

When God is in your life!

Today it seems the future is bleak;

Your dreams have turned to strife.

Your plans for vict’ry have all been crushed,

Those dreams an “uncertain dawn.”

Your talents wasted needlessly;

Now hope for you is gone.

But God can mend your broken heart;

And you can dream again.

His dreams are based on promises—

They’re written with God’s pen.

So if you claim God’s PROMISES,

You’ll start His dream today!                      

‘Tis true fulfillment comes from HIM;

He’ll guide you all the way! 

–by Chaplain Don, 2013