Exciting Bible story of Acts 9 !      

He was headstrong with his mission of violence & hate,

Doing deeds in which he believed.

None dared detour him from those evil acts,

He ne’er admitted that he was deceived.

SAUL was bound for Damascus that day,

To drag away Christians in shackles to jail.

He thought he was doing a job for his God;

And nothing would cause him to fail.

Soon there flashed from the sky a blinding light,

And he fell on his face to the ground.

The men who were with him were shocked with it all,

As they heard an ear-splitting sound.

“Who are you”, cried Saul, “I am totally blind!

Now what do you want me to do?”

Then came the answer, “I’m Jesus your Lord—

I have a big job, I need you!

Refrain: A new day broke through for the man named Saul;

God provides this day for us all.

As we hear His voice and the message clear,

Our hearts will respond to the call.

Jesus’ awesome power changed Saul’s life then for good—

He was guided to write many parts of God’s Word.

Christ can change us today by His mighty power;

And His message through men by the world will be heard!

-by Chaplain Don