This life on earth is compared by folks,

To a ship upon the sea.

One day the water seems very smooth;

Then storms sweep over me.

Some days I’m overwhelmed with doubt;

Since God I cannot see.

But today I caught a glimpse of FAITH

In a Scripture I did read.

It spoke of Moses, man of faith—     (Hebrews 11: 27)

Who believed what He could not see.

He saw beyond things visible,

Where faith detects the incredible!

I long to see through that “eye of faith”     

Christ’s power at work in me.

I look for Him as His plan unfolds

Through the Scriptures I will see.          (Romans 10: 17)

Refrain: Just fix your eye on things above,

Like a sailor in a “sub” below.

Keep your eyes directed to the “periscope” of faith,

To view God’s leading wherever you go!

by Chaplain Don