1   Here’s a tale I love to tell,

     About a trip we took with Brand.

     It occurred not many moons ago,

     In a special, magic land.

2   There were lofty trees and colorful flowers;

     Paths for walking—What an awesome site!

     Loads of food to please the taste buds;

     And super soft beds for rest at night.

3   ‘twas a” hide-out” where he took us—

     Grammy, Vons, and Bob Don too;

    The program was designed for lots of rest;

    But we found a whole bunch more to do!

4   It was great to be together there,

In that place for having fun.

We arose each morn soon after sunrise,               

     And all the day we were on the run…        

5   We sat down and learned about helpful ideas, 

     From the doctors, and their colorful slides.        

     Those concepts were filled with so much intrigue;       

     We will use them much as our daily guides.        

6   “New Start” was the theme of our healthy routine, 

     For the week of this great retreat.        

     Ev’ry talk we heard gave practical hints        

     To the challenging answers we all now seek.

7    Hydro massage was GREAT to feel

We have no longer those aches and pains

After  hours, Branden took us out for a treat.

“Squished” through gate at closing time.     

8    The program on Wed. included some music,

A concert by the Academy Choir.

This really put, “frosting on the cake”,

Those teenagers did a mighty fine job!

9   We treasure each moment spent with Brand

At this great “hide-a- way.

And we thank God in Heav’n,

For time spent with Him each day!

–by Don P. Williams,  June 25, 2015