As I think about my neighbor

Who lives not far away,

My mind is clouded deep inside.

I don’t know what to say.

You see I heard but yesterday,

The one who wears “the shades”,

Is struggling now with somber news –

The doctor says that he has A.I.D.S.!

His angry feelings boil inside,

Such great depression, hopeless fears.

There’s not a place to hide,

But daily fighting with those tears.

The friends are few and far between,

His fam’ly has rejected him.

This man sure needs a friend in me,

How shall I now connect with him?

I struggle with my complex thoughts,

And try to understand.

Then quickly walk to his front door,

And reach out warmly for his hand.

What satisfaction deep within,

As I support this special friend.

Today I’m glad I looked to God.

And found on Him we both depend.

So many people need my hand,

They’re found right here and everywhere.

And no man senses how God loves,

Until he knows how much I care!

–by Chaplain Don, 1987