You can’t believe the stuff you’ve been through !

This life is really the pits…

It feels like a puzzle to solve, 

With a piece that never fits.

You were stabbed in the back with her hurtful words;

And then she rushed away!

You can never find a friendship that lasts—

You’ve looked for many-a-day.

You thought you’d never see the time,

When life would be complete.

But now you can find a Friend who is true; (Proverbs 18: 24)

I’d like for you to meet.

Jesus Christ can solve your needs;

He promises you His “peace”. (Isaiah 26: 3) & (John 14: 27)

He’ll see you through your darkest night.

His love will never cease. (Request a copy)

So, why not try His offer now?

And you’ll be glad you did.

It pays to trust Him you will see—

For now, and through ETERNITY!

–by Chaplain Don