O God,

Sometimes the tears flow very freely.

And on other occasions that big lump develops

In my throat, but tears will not come to

Give vent to the feelings deep down inside.

I am realizing today how tears mean

Different things in varying situations.

They can express sorrow or joy: resentment

or forgiveness; loneliness or thankfulness;

Remorse or reprieve – the complete range of

Human emotion.

It heightens Your kinship with my tears

As I reflect on the mother who knows each

Cry of her infant offspring. There are cries

Of hunger, of indigestion, of just – plain

Fussiness, or cries from irritations of all kinds

(both physical and emotional.)

As a child of Yours, Lord, I can see how

My Heavenly Father, notices and understands

Each feeling of my life’s experience.

A Christian song title comes to mind,

“Tears are a language God understands.”

Please help me not to stifle my tears. They are

a natural release for those God- given feelings!

-by Chaplain Don