Please give me a new understanding of what

it means to do Your will in all my plans. It seems

That each time my lips frame the words,

“I put all things in Your hands,” Immediately

my hand reaches out to snatch them back…

Give me eyes to view each situation from Your

perspective – The long range. And since I cannot

see tomorrow, may I rest its questions in Your hands.

For only You can shape my future for good.

I recall unnumbered times that You have seen

Me though – when foolish pride had blocked my

View and human blunders clogged the way.

But when matters are turned over to you, things

Are different! I stop stewing and worrying.

Stories from Scripture come to mind of how You

Helped people of old with problems of the same

Kind. Then I begin to watch for doors to open

In your own way and time.

Peace has come to my heart since I’ve started to

accept Your plan. It is always the best one!

–by Chaplain Don, 2000