Please don’t let me be stingy with my time,

My money,

Or my love.

So many people consider it a mark of success to show how well

they are looking out for, “number one.” But I am discovering

the deep satisfactions in sharing my TIME

With one who is struggling to fit together

The broken pieces of his life.

Teach me to divide efficiently those

24 hours of each passing day into segments

Of caring.

May I invest my MONEY toward the happiness of others. It

has a way of multiplying with that thrust rather than turning

to rust in my selfish grasp.

I submit to your wisdom that my capacity

For LOVE will grow with ever-widening

Circles … embracing each family member.

And then reaching out to all others who long for a caring touch.

Please remind me of the value found in carving my name on hearts,

not on marble.


–by Chaplain Don, 2001