That Day Don Pare and Darbylee

Packed the car for a two-day Jaunt.

It wasn’t long ‘til we reached the coast,

Where we found those favorite haunts.

First we dined at the Apple Farm,

Midst scores of flowers and charm.

The evening centered in movieland,

In our cozy Casa Grand!

Next day we dined at “the Couples Nook”

We loved it there in our spot.

We found much beauty at the Coast,

And enjoyed our time we long had sought.

The Robbins’ Dinner proved a delight,

As we ate there our trip was complete.

Everything was a “tasty treat”,

We needed nothing “Sweet”.

We enjoyed this trip—‘twas a marvelous time,

With togetherness, day and night.

I saw my girl with a gleam in her eye,

And I knew the plans were right!

Last we headed back to our home,

But planned for the Pumpkin Fest.

So the two of us will again be gone,

To the place we love the BEST!

  • By Chaplain Don, 2009