My Compassionate Lord,

I am realizing that these feelings of mine are shared by

millions of humans!  Certainly anger is a secondary

response to experiencing hurt of any kind.

One of my personal weaknesses has been to respond with a

burst of fiery anger, losing all control. 

I must learn the lesson of forgiving those who have

hurt me. I recall the Scripture record of My Savior as He was       

dying on The cross of Calvary.  These words serve as a challenge

to me for developing the same attitude of forgiving. “Father,

forgive them, for they do not know  what they do.”   (Luke 23:34)

I am drawn to another amazing Scripture which reveals what happens

if I fail to let Jesus, my Savior help me control my anger against

ungodly deeds. It can turn to feelings of personal resentment

and loss of control.  It is then sin! Thank You for Your power in

protecting me from this response. “Be Angry, but do not sin!” Eph. 4:26.

With Your guidance, I will learn to readily pray for the person who

has committed the “wrong act.” (Hate the sin, but love the sinner!)

Thank You for Your divine help in controlling my responses!      


  • by Chaplain Don, 2014