I dreamed that I stood in the forest last night,
Where Bronsen had prayed for power.
I knew he needed some help from God,
For problems of that hour.

He was lonely and worried so far from home,
Needing time to seek the Lord.
He was facing a crisis to solve right then,
Which for humans was very hard!

I recalled the times in his childhood days,
How we knelt beside his bed.
We talked to the Lord together each night,
And I treasure the things he said:

“Thank you God for all your care.
And help me to know You are always there.”
So grandpa today is praying this prayer:
“I am thankful God, You are everywhere!”
(in Germany too)
“So right now, I thank my God for a forest of trees;
It served in the time of his need.
I know dear Lord, You gave him that place,
For his prayer that You would lead.”
I thank you so much! Amen.
–Bob Don, 2006